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Anticipating the Business Rules Forum – 2008

I am looking forward to this year’s Business Rules Forum (BRF – http://www.businessrulesforum.com/).  This is the 11th year this international gathering has occurred.   It is interesting to listen to the real-world experiences that people are having as they leverage business process gathering and execution environments.

Once again I have been given the opportunity to co-present a session.  This year Mike Strianese and I will be discussing the importance of security when leveraging web services.  The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach has gained a lot of traction in rule engine and workflow environments.  With the accelerated pace of integration and application deployments comes an increased risk of vulnerabilities and exploits.

Beyond the informative sessions, the BRF provides a great showcase to see and experience a broad range of tools and services available for documenting, testing, integrating and deploying rule-based solutions.  This is an efficient way to gain a lot of insight into the operation of the diverse offerings.

I am a strong advocate for leveraging rule and workflow engines to accelerate application development.  In the same way relational databases free us from creating a lot of code to manipulate data in files, these environments simplify certain aspects of enterprise business system development.  It has become rare to encounter a financial or healthcare-related enterprise that does not leverage at least one of these tools.

If you happen to be at the BRF next week I invite you to stop by our session (Security of Services, Thursday at 9:05 am – http://www.businessrulesforum.com/abstracts.php?id=350).  Feel free to introduce yourself afterwards as well! 

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