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Brass Kickers… Jacob Shell Prayer Service… Godspell… Liturgist

It has been a busy week filled with church activities.  For the service on August 16th the Burnt Hills – Ballston Lake Brass Kickers performed.  Their ranks included the core quartet of Michael (trombone), Sarah (trombone), Sarah (trumpet) and Tiffany (trumpet).  For this service the group was joined by Eric (trombone)

They all did a great job, having worked hard on their anthem piece as well as accompaniments for three hymns.  The new music stands were also great to have and simplified rehearsals and Sunday set-up.  Previously for rehearsals we suspended a long wooden board across the living room to which they taped the music.  Of course the height was never right and I walked into that board more than once.

The congregation enjoyed the group and the players enjoyed the opportunity to perform as an ensemble.  Our goal is to have them play a couple more times this year (around Thanksgiving and Christmas).  Videos from the service are on YouTube (channel: Monead) and linked at the end of this posting.

A more somber evening of music and prayers was held on Tuesday.  An inspiring group of youth organized a prayer service for Jacob Shell.  Jacob is a third-grader who was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer, last year.  He has been through 5 of 6 scheduled chemotherapy treatments and has a difficult road ahead.  This hits close to home since Sarah was diagnosed with the same condition years ago.  We are very grateful that she is among the survivors of this devastating disease.

The service was simple and beautiful.  I sang two Casting Crowns pieces, “Who Am I” and “And Now My Lifesong Sings”.  Other performers included a guitar/singing trio and a piano/singing soloist.  One of the participants had composed a piece specifically about Jacob which was great!  We all continue to pray for Jacob and his family.

On Thursday Lisa, Sarah and I (along with several other church members) attended a free production of Godspell at Freedom Park.  The park includes a stage and dance floor area, both of which were used by the players to present the musical.  The performers, “Our Own Productions,” did a great job with minimal sets and a somewhat problematic sound system.  It was an enjoyable evening for which the weather cooperated.

For today’s church service I was the liturgist.  There is some pressure in the role but I enjoy having a chance to share the word with fellow worshippers as well as the challenge of creating some “freeform” messages surrounding the offertory.  Finding the balance between writing a script and leaving it completely open for inspiration is a balance I continue to seek.

Now back to work…

Brass Kickers Videos from Sunday, August 16, 2009


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