If you remember Whittaker Road, the Chipmunk Fan Club, Monthly Christmas Parties while singing Handel's Messiah, a Lost and Found Satellite, and Monead Commercials, then you've come to the right place to revisit those memories.

The Logo

Monead Logo

Ah, the Logo. Well it was the late 1980's and we had a product. Do you remember it? The Choral Library Filer, a computer program to help church musicians organize and plan service music based on their library of music and the liturgical year. Of course, you can't be a company with a product without some logo to put on the packaging and in the ads. For those of you adept at binary and ASCII, the meaning of the logo should become clear!


Of course, the Andre is chilled and you're welcome to have a glass or two as you enjoy these clips...

Audio TitleYearWhat's This?
To Sit 1982 Movie trailer, portending a world where no one is allowed to sit
Nunzio's Bar & Grill 1982 Need a place to relax, without fighting for parking?


Coming in the future...