Taking the 'Artificial' out of AI ©

Our business creates impactful automation for your organization. We combine your expertise in business with our experience developing and deploying learning-based solutions for your most critical system automation needs.

How is our approach different?

We combine your data with a computer-readable representation of meaning, known as semantics, to produce understandable and robust machine learning models. If you hear the unmet promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this statement, you are ahead of the curve. The artificial aspect, leaving meaning out of the process, has stymied progress and limited the value of AI for years. The inclusion of semantics in the data eliminates the artificial nature of the models you create.

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Why invest time getting to know us?

In the aggregate, we have spent decades focused on semantics, knowledge representation, machine learning, and enterprise system integration for businesses ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 and multi-national corporations. We have deep experience and expertise in the fields of healthcare, financial services, and insurance. Our customers routinely leverage our team's skills to design, build, and support solutions for data security, data management, analytics, process management, and robotics automation.

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