Who We Are

infuzIT™ is focused on appropriately protecting your computer systems and data. We believe that the right approach for securing your computer assets is determined by many factors. In the aggregate, we have spent decades focused on the cybersecurity needs of businesses ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 and multi-national corporations. We have deep cybersecurity experience in the fields of healthcare, financial services, and insurance.

However, our experience isn't what drives our project successes, for that we need the involvement of your organization.

Whenever we engage with a client, we get to know their unique teams, goals, operations, infrastructure, regulations, and specialised cybersecurity-related challenges. With that foundation in place we work with the organization to quantify and rank cybersecurity risks, identifying right-sized solutions. We are not a tool vendor, we are cybersecurity practitioners who understand the systems security landscape. We aren't beholden to a technology; we are driven to create and deliver a cybersecurity environment that is optimized for your needs, giving your business an effective cybersecurity platform which allows you to focus on your customers, your mission, and your success. read more

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