• It's All About Meaning

    Specifically, it's all about the meaning of concepts to your business. The connections between your data and its interpretation, what the data means, must be made explicit to create intelligent systems. Incorporating computer-readable meaning must be done before modeling software can generalize intelligence and express knowledge in business terms.

    We leverage our expertise in semantic technology, providing an explicit representation of meaning, and machine learning, to create an intelligence platform centered on meaning and interpretability. For us, the first step in any project is to codify your business' operational expertise and terminology so that the computer can interpret the meanings and logical connections between concepts. With that foundation, using automated modeling can then derive helpful, actionable, and most importantly, understandable models.

    Contrast that description with the typical Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach. These apply machine learning techniques, such as decision trees and neural networks, to your raw data. This approach works through pattern matching. Often this is labeled as "learning," but it is learning of a most rudimentary form.

    We are thoroughly versed in meaning definition, data representation, and machine learning.

    Our techniques focus on the established fields of graph databases, semantic technology, and machine learning. We leverage the strengths of each, creating a unique basis for system intelligence, a platform designed to create models that are easily explained, tested, deployed, and adjusted.

  • We Have Experience

    With information in its many forms, that is

    If you are looking to gain more value from your data and system automation, we will help. Whether your focus is data security, data management, process automation, robotics, data migration, or knowledge extraction, our techniques change the focus from unexplainable models made up of opaque rules to one of meaning-centric machine learning.

  • What keeps us motivated?

    Coming to work each day as a partner in your business journey. Knowing there is value in your data and assisting you to find and benefit from it

  • Our Services

    We focus on service - not products. There are many AI, machine learning, semantic, graph, and robotics-based products on the market. If any seem relevant to your situation, we have experience working through selection, installation, setup, and operations, depending on your organization's needs. We do not participate in financial incentive programs with any vendors. We work for you; our focus is your success.

    Assessment and Recommendations
    Our core service is working with your organization to capitalize on opportunities to leverage machine intelligence. Often organizations have tools available which may play a role in this process but haven't been integrated using the concepts we've described. In short, they are producing suboptimal results. Our recommendations are actionable, focused on what you can do now and suggesting where you need to invest over the longer term.

    We deliver training for end-users, management, and development teams. Our background includes ontology development, semantic and graph integration, and machine learning. Our training process moves beyond one-time efforts and provides in-depth expertise for long-term success and extension of the investments you make in creating intelligent systems.

  • Be Part of Our Community

    Tinkering with solutions gives us practical experience beyond the white papers and marketing emails. We have several open-source projects that we use to try out different techniques and technologies. Feel free to join in the fun with us.

    Semantic Workbench
    A tool for interacting with triple stores and SPARQL endpoints. Download the source code or install the program and try it out.

    SPARQL Droid
    Have an Android device, like semantics? Try out our tool for interacting with triple stores and SPARQL endpoints from a mobile device. Yes, you can reason over an ontology (albeit a small one) right on your phone! You can install it from Google Play